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Letís Eat
Jack Fry's Restaurants

1007 Bardstown Road
Louisville, KY

(502) 452-9244

Price: $ $ $ $

  • Youíll enjoy: live jazz ∑ shrimp and grits ∑ warm brie salad ∑ lamb chops ∑ pork chop

  • Top 10 Food Rating Restaurants 2011 -

JACK FRY'S was established in 1933 by Jack Fry and his wife, Flossie. Fry was known as a rambling, gambling kind of guy who loved amateur boxing and the ponies. As a result, Jack Fry's became a sportsmanís hangout, as evidenced by the numerous historic photographs that fill the walls of the current Jack Fry's.

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He was also known to conduct his bookmaking and bootlegging affairs discreetly from "the back room". He was a much-loved character who often gave a free meal to a needy friend. Jack closed his business in 1972. After ten years of renting this space as "Por Que No", a Mexican restaurant, it was re-established as Jack Fry's. Susan Seiller bought the restaurant in January 1987, the same year that saw the death of Jack Fry.

In February of 2008, Susan passed ownership and sold the restaurant to longtime employee, Stephanie J. Meeks. Stephanie has been with Jack Fryís since 1996, starting as a host and quickly moving her way up in management.  As the new owner, Stephanie is proud to continue the tradition of this priceless Louisville landmark.

The potato gratin melts in your mouth.  We had the chicken liver salad and the duck entree.  We both loved the lemon ginger spiced mousse as well.  If we lived in Louisville, we would come for every special occasion.

We ate lunch for the first time here and was very happy with my experience. The staff was attentive and friendly.  The food was delicious and we were impressed with the wine list.  It was very quiet and dark, which was a perfect balance for a hectic work day.

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