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Richard Widmark

What do you know about Richard Widmark
Enjoy this FUN Celebrity trivia quiz. 
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

Take 2 points for each right answer.  Maximum this page: 28 points!

1) Richard Weedt Widmark was born on December 26, 1914.
Where was he born?Richard Widmark

  1. Chicago, Illinois

  2. Sunrise Township, Minnesota

  3. Princeton, Illinois

  4. Henry, Illinois

2) Widmark made his debut as a radio actor in 1938.
What was the show?

  1. Aunt Jenny's Real Life Stories

  2. Search for Tomorrow

  3. Days of Our Lives

  4. Wal-Mart Radio Theater

3) He was unable to join the military during World War II because of a perforated eardrum.

  • True or False?

4) Widmark's first movie appearance was in Kiss of Death (1947), as the giggling, sociopath villain.
What was the character’s name?

  1. Big Eddie Williams

  2. Tommy Udo

  3. Buster

  4. Skeets

5) Yellow Sky (1948) is an American western film directed by William A. Wellman.
Who does Widmark play in the movie?

  1. Dude

  2. James 'Stretch' Dawson

  3. Walrus

  4. Half Pint

6) In Broken Lance (1954) Cattle baron Matt Devereaux (Spencer Tracy) raids a copper smelter that is polluting his water, then divides his property among his sons. Son Joe (Robert Wagner) takes responsibility for the raid and gets three years in prison. Matt dies from a stroke partly caused by his rebellious sons and when Joe gets out he plans revenge.
Who does Widmark play in the film?

  1. Ernie Devereaux

  2. Ben Devereaux

  3. Mike Devereaux

  4. Denny Devereaux

7) The Last Wagon (1956) is a western film that tells of "Comanche Todd", a half-breed scout wanted for murder and now on his way to be hanged. Widmark plays Comanche Todd. The film was shot on location in Sedona, AZ, at the mouth of Oak Creek Canyon.

  • True or False?

8) The Law and Jake Wade (1958) is a western released by MGM and directed by the legendary John Sturges. The title name, Jake Wade is a now reformed town sheriff marshal with a past that will soon catch up with him. Before he is able to settle down nicely and live peacefully with his new bride, Peggy Carter, an old shadowy friend Clint Hollister is released from jail.
Who does Widmark play in the movie?

  1. Jake

  2. Rennie

  3. Clint

  4. Burke

9) Warlock (1959) is a film, released by Twentieth Century Fox and shot in colour and CinemaScope. It is a Western adapted from the novel by Oakley Hall (screenplay written by Robert Alan Aurthur). Directed by Edward Dmytryk. Richard Widmark gets top billing.
Who is NOT one of the movie’s stars?

  1. Wallace Ford

  2. Henry Fonda

  3. Anthony Quinn

  4. Randolph Scott

10) Two Rode Together (1961) is a western film directed by John Ford. In the 1880s, Marshal Guthrie McCabe (Jimmy Stewart) is content to be the business and personal partner of attractive saloon owner Belle Aragon (Annelle Hayes), receiving ten percent of the profits. When relatives of Comanche captives demand that Army Major Fraser (John McIntire) free them, he uses a combination of army pressure and high pay to get the reluctant McCabe to take on the job of ransoming any he can find. He assigns Lieutenant Jim Gary (Richard Widmark) to accompany McCabe.
Who does Widmark‘s character propose to in the movie?

  1. Linda Cristal

  2. Anna Lee

  3. Shirley Jones

  4. Dorothy Malone

11) Alvarez Kelly (1966) is a war film set in the American Civil War. The film was based on the real-life Beefsteak Raid of September 1864. It stars Richard Widmark.
Who stars as the title character Alvarez Kelly?

  1. Patrick O'Neal

  2. William Holden

  3. James Stewart

  4. Don 'Red' Barry

12) In 1878, chiefs Little Wolf (Ricardo Montalban) and Dull Knife (Gilbert Roland) lead over three hundred starved and weary Cheyenne from their reservation in the Oklahoma territory to their home in Wyoming. The government sees this as an act of rebellion, and the sympathetic Captain Thomas Archer (Richard Widmark) is forced to lead his troops in an attempt to stop the tribe. As the press misrepresents the native's motives and goals for their trek as malicious, Secretary of the Interior Carl Schurz (Edward G. Robinson) tries to prevent violence from erupting between the army and the natives. Also featured are James Stewart as Wyatt Earp and Carroll Baker as a pacifist school teacher and Archer's (Widmark) love interest.
What is the movie?

  1. Little Wolf‘s Trek

  2. Wyoming Treasure

  3. Cheyenne Autumn

  4. Mr. Horn

13) Widmark died after a long illness on March 24, 2008, at his home in Roxbury, Connecticut at age 93.

  • True or False?

14) Where was Richard Widmark buried?

  1. Grandview Cemetery, Chillicothe, Ohio

  2. East Cemetery, Litchfield, Connecticut,

  3. Unknown

  4. Roxbury Center Cemetery, Roxbury, Connecticut

Richard Widmark [Answers]Angels on your pillow

1) B. 2) A. 3) True 4) B. 5) A. 6) B. 7) True 8) C. 9) D. 10) A. 11) B. 12) C. 13) True 14) D.

Score for this page: _______

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