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Pennsylvania Dutch Idioms and Expressions (German)

Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking from AlansKitchen.comYou dumb aesel (jackass) - don't go so near to the fire.

He is as agasinish (contrary, stubborn, self-willed) as a bull.

He is airlich (honest) as the day is long.

He is such alend (trouble, bother).

Hi, ya, alter (old man as a endearing term).

Ei-ya; he want and kicked the amer (bucket).�  [He died.]

Come here �once� and make yourself bakont (acquainted, known).�

It hurts me so in the bauch (belly, stomach) maybe I ate too many green apples.

Mind you � he went out bawr-feesich (bare-footed) in �Chanuary.  That old beddlar (beggar) don�t come around no more; guess he beddled himself enough money to quit beddling.

Give me just a little piece of bendle (string).

When you get done with your biggla (ironing) let's go in to town.

This country is full of dirty biscotza (skunks).

That little fellow is the darndest blabbermaul (talkative or blabber mouth)- he sure takes the cake.

You never saw such a blut-kup (bald head).

For a fellow he's awful blaid (bashful) when he gets alone with the girls.

The blutzer (thank you �ma�am� on the road) nearly threw me out of the buggy.

The old woman next door talks all the time like a bobbagoy (parrot).

Give me the county-seat bobbeer (newspaper) it is just the right size for to cover good the pantry shelf.

That there boy will grow up to be a bobble-maul (gabby) just like his mother.

Shaving two times every day is such a bodderation (bother, trouble, annoyance) to a man that has lots of work to do.

These new people are so brederlich (brotherly).

Good bree (gravy, or juice) I always like on my bread.

Go in the front room and get me my brill or specks (glasses).

The dear little bubbelly (baby) is so sweet like; she is so nice-behaved.

Oh, boy, what I would give to have a buss (kiss) from her!

He's always at the buttle (bottle).

Butz (clean off) your "gums" (rubbers or overshoes) before you come in the house.

"Didn'tchu" (did you not) corrisseer (court) your girl at least a year before you got married?


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