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Catalina Regional Park

Catalina Regional Park Pima County

4135 East Trotter Place
Catalina, AZ 85741

Explore Catalina Regional Park

Catalina Regional Park is a joint project between Pima County Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation and the Pima County Regional Flood Control District.

The park is still in the development phase and portions of the park will be closed from time to time. Completion of the currently funded development projects is anticipated by November 2009. The portions of the park currently open are open dawn to dusk.

Park History

The 2003 Aspen Fire damaged a significant portion of the north side of the Santa Catalina Mountains resulting in flooding along the Canada del Oro Wash in Catalina. Pima County provided relief to residents impacted by the flood by purchasing damaged properties. Approximately 186 acres of property has been acquired along a 2-mile reach of the Canada del Oro Wash. This property is a regional asset that will be used as open space and for active and passive recreation.

In 2005, the Catalina Regional Park Advisory Committee, appointed by Supervisor Ann Day, was formed and assisted Pima County in the development of the project scope and concepts for future park development.

Current Planning and Development

Catalina Regional Park is a long, narrow park that follows the Canada Del Oro (CDO) Wash flood plain. The park has been divided into four management areas to address the varied uses within the park.

1. The northern management area of the park will primarily be used as a multi-use trail linkage to the CDO Wash and the 50 Year Trail.

2. The upper middle management area is just north of Golder Ranch Road and includes the White Dog Ranch. This area of the park will be the most developed and will support the most recreational activities. The ranch will be rehabilitated to allow equestrian programs and events. It is likely the operation of this facility will be through an agreement with a community not-for-profit group. A portion of this area will be used for other public events. Plans include a small children's park and restrooms developed near Golder Ranch Road and Lago Del Oro Parkway.

3. The lower middle management area extends south from Golder Ranch Road to Rollins Road and will be primarily a conservation area. The area will be enhanced and rehabilitated as a meso-riparian habitat and will eventually have trails for horseback riders, hikers, and mountain bikers.

4. The southern management area of the park is from Rollins Road to the Catalina Regional Park boundary next to the Pima Pistol Range. This area is considered the best area for enhancing and maintaining habitat for wildlife. 

A project is in progress to modify the pond into a diverse wetland area for wildlife. Because this area will focus on habitat protection, public activities will be limited. Environmental education and interpretive programs will be conducted and limited support facilities will be developed.

Fences and Trails

Pima County is in the process of fencing off certain areas of the park as part of access control efforts. The areas that are currently being fenced are those that have been used for illegal off-road motor vehicle activities or illegal dumping. Some additional areas will be fenced for public safety, for park security, or to keep livestock out of management areas. 

Access to major horse and hiking trails have not been blocked, but some smaller trails have been closed or rerouted to avoid having too many gates or entry points into or through the park. The goal of the fencing process is to provide recreational opportunities while maintaining unfragmented habitat.

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