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Jim McCasland Willow Creek Park - Prescott AZ

Jim McCasland Willow Creek Park - Prescott AZ

3181 Willow Creek Rd.

Explore Jim McCasland Willow Creek Park

Jim McCasland Willow Creek Park is located at 3181 Willow Creek Road. The park has recently been renamed, dedicated to long serving Parks & Recreation Director Jim McCasland. 

This park is just north of the junction of Willow Lake and Willow Creek roads. Park amenities include a medium sized ramada for picnics or reservations. The park's playground has swings, slides and climbing structures while a sand volleyball court and horseshoe pits are nearby.

The park has one baseball field for league play or tournament participation. On the east side of the park is a trailhead with access to the Willow Lake Trail connecting to the Mile High Trail System. Jim McCasland Willow Creek Park is also home to the Willow Creek Dog Park.

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