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Old Fort Grant

Top Rated 5-Teddy Bear Picinc SiteOld Fort Grant begins as Fort Arivaypa on the north bank of Arivaipa Creek, where Arivaipa Creek flows into the San Pedro River. James B. Leach suggests the site. From there, the Army can protect travelers using his wagon road.

 Old Fort Grant copyright map by Alan EastepIn May 1860, B Company, U.S. 8th Infantry Regiment begins construction of Fort Arivaypa. In August 1860, they rename the post Fort Breckenridge (should have been spelled with an i) after then Vice President John C. Breckinridge. (During the Civil War, he becomes a Confederate general.)

In July 1861, Fort Breckenridge's troops receive orders to travel east. They burn the buildings and move eastward to the Civil War battlefields.

On October 31, 1865, five companies of 2nd California Infantry Regiment commanded by Colonel Thomas F. Wright establish a post at the confluence of the San Pedro River and Arivaipa Creek. They name it after the Union General Ulysses S. Grant.

Five months later, regular troops of the 14th Infantry relieve the California Volunteers. That summer's monsoon rains destroy seventy-five percent of the buildings of the fort. They decide to move the post to the site of Fort Breckenridge. October 1866 sees orders coming to abandoned the site. Instead, it becomes Fort Grant.

By 1871, the Army decides to abandoned the site. Again, Indian troubles force the post to remain active. In April, a group of Tucson citizens murder about 85 Indians living at Fort Grant. It becomes nationally as the Camp Grant Massacre. In 1872, they move the surviving Indians to the San Carlos Reservation.

On March 29, 1873, the Army deactivates Fort Grant. The name changes to the new Fort Grant.

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