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Twin Lakes State Park

Twin Lakes State Park - BEST Placess to Picnic

788 Twin Lakes Rd.
Green Bay, Va. 23942-2525

Phone: (434) 392-3435

Explore Twin Lakes State Park!

Twin Lakes State Park is a state park in Virginia. It is located in Central Virginia in Prince Edward County.

Twin Lakes State Park, centrally located in Virginia's Piedmont region, provides visitors from all over the Commonwealth with a variety of lakefront activities in a secluded setting. Swimming, camping, fishing, biking, canoeing and hiking are popular activities. The park is home to Cedar Crest Conference Center, a perfect facility for group meetings, family reunions, wedding receptions and company picnics.

The land for Twin Lakes State Park was initially bought from struggling farmers by the federal government during the Great Depression. Two parks, Goodwin Lake and Prince Edward Lake, were founded in 1939 and until the early 1960s were run as two racially segregated parks. The parks merged in 1976 and became Twin Lakes State Park in 1986.

Picnic shelters are available for rental by calling the Reservation Center at 1-800-933-PARK (7275). In addition to shelter rental fee, a daily parking fee per vehicle is enforced. Swimming, boat rental and boat-launching fees are also additional.

Twin Lakes State Park Picnic Shelters at Goodwin Lake Bay-use Area

Two shelters are available for rent. They can be rented all day from 8 a.m. to dusk.

Cancellation policy: No refund within 14 days before reserved date. Before then, there's a cancellation fee.

Shelter 1: This structure overlooks Goodwin Lake and is near a playground. It can accommodate 60 people under the shelter. Additional seating is available around the shelter if vacant. Shelter is handicapped accessible for handicap parking and an adjacent walkway.

Shelter 2: Close to swim area on Goodwin Lake, this unique shelter is made from rough cedar trunks and cedar beams. It can accommodate 25 people under the shelter. Additional seating is available around the shelter if vacant.

Day use area: Picnic area restroom facility (sinks, toilet), concrete sidewalk access and designated disability parking; wheelchair clearances into the building make this area accessible. Picnic shelter 1 is wheelchair accessible and includes one ADA-compliant picnic table.

Concession building: This building includes ADA-compliant doorways, and concrete walks for access to the building and from the building to the beach. Also restrooms are handicapped accessible, and there are marked parking areas.

The Cedar Crest Conference Center pavilion is handicapped accessible. The bathrooms at the conference center are also handicapped accessible.

Although motorized vehicles are not permitted on park trails, electric wheelchairs and electric scooters that meet the federal definition for wheelchairs are allowed to enable people with disabilities to use the trails.

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