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Mount Rainier National Park

 Carbon and Mowich at Mount Rainier National Park - BEST Places to Picnic

238th Ave. East
Ashford, WA 98304

(360) 569-2211

WELCOME to Carbon and Mowich!

Carbon River, named for coal deposits found in the area, is located in the park�s northwest corner. Within Mount Rainier National Park, Carbon River receives the greatest amount of precipitation. Because of this climate, this area is home to a temperate rainforest.

The Carbon River road was washed out by the 2006 flood and is open only to the entrance station of the park. Road repairs outside of the park have further limited access to this area. For more information check the road status page. Carbon is reached via State Route 165.

At Carbon River:

  • At the Carbon River Entrance Station, a short loop trail takes visitors through a fine example of a temperate rain forest.
  • The Ipsut Creek Campground and picnic area are located 5 miles from the Carbon River Entrance. 
  • Due to the 2006 flood the road is closed to vehicles, but open to hikers with a backcountry camping permit. Road repairs outside of the park have further restricted access.

From Ipsut Creek there is a 3.6 mile (one way) trail leads to the Carbon Glacier, one of the largest and lowest glaciers in the lower 48 states.

Mowich Lake is the largest and deepest lake in Mount Rainier National Park. The road is unpaved after the first three miles and may be rough. It is generally open mid-July to mid-October. Check the road status prior to visiting this area. Mowich is reached via State Route 165.

At Mowich:

  • The Mowich Lake Campground and picnic area are located 6 miles from the Mowich Entrance.

Enjoy these day hikes at Carbon River and Mowich Lake.

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