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West Virginia: Wild and Wonderful

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North Bend Rail Trail State Park


North Bend Rail Trail
Route 1, Box 221
Cairo, West Virginia 26337

(304) 643-2931

The North Bend Rail Trail is a multi-use recreational trail operated by West Virginia State Parks.  Formerly an abandoned spur of the CSX system, the trail is part of the 5,500 mile coast-to-coast American Discovery Trail.

Stretching 72 miles from I-77 near Parkersburg in Wood County to Wolf Summit in Harrison County, this scenic trail passes through 13 tunnels and crosses 36 bridges.

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Easily accessible from north/south Interstates 77 and 79, the trail nearly parallels US Route 50 east and west.

The trail passes through wild and natural areas, farmland and a variety of small rural communities that grew up along its length. The many points of interest and history include the Old Stone House and the former Stage Coach Inn at Pennsboro, a marble factory, hand-blown glass factories, outlet stores, arts and craft markets, fairs and festivals, sites of trail robberies and legends of tunnel ghosts.  The trail also passes numerous state, county and local parks.

In the tumultuous years before the Civil War and the creation of the state of West Virginia, the former rail corridor was constructed by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad between 1853 and 1857. The trail boasts 13 remaining tunnels constructed by the railroad. The number 10 tunnel west of Ellenboro, for example, is 337 feet long and is a "raw" or natural tunnel which is bored through solid rock.

Trail Descriptions

What to Expect?
Work is underway on various sections of the trail. If you encounter a rough section, don't despair! Flood-damaged sections have been repaired, drainage problems are being corrected, and other obstacles along the way are being overcome to benefit users of the North Bend Rail Trail.


  • Parkersburg Trailhead: Take I-77 to the Staunton Avenue Exit. Turn East on Rt. 47 and take the first right turn (about 0.2 mile from interstate) on to Old WV Route 47. Continue about 0.7 mile and turn right on Happy Valley Road. Travel approximately 0.4 mile until you see a large house on the left. Immediately after the stone wall (Millers Landing) is the North Bend Rail Trail. Park on the gravel section opposite the trailed. Western Terminus.

  • Walker: Exit Rt. 47 at Walker Road, proceed to where road meets trail (barricade on left).

  • Petroleum: Exit Rt. 50 onto Goose Creek Road and proceed 7 miles to town.

  • Cairo: Exit Rt. 50 onto Rt. 31 and go 4 miles to town; Rt. 31 crosses the trail and parking is available on the blacktop in town square, or on the gravel lot by the old Bank at Cairo.

  • Ellenboro: Exit Rt. 50 onto Rt. 16 N, 1/4 mile to trail.

  • Pennsboro: Exit Rt. 50 onto Rt. 74; go north 1 mile, Rt. 74 crosses the trail at the Depot.

  • Greenwood: Exit Rt. 50 at Greenwood exit; access trail behind the WV Department of Highways garage and the Greenwood Motel.

  • West Union: Exit Rt 50 onto Rt. 18 North; the longest bridge of the trail is visible as you approach West Union; access in town or park above athletic field.

  • Smithburg: Exit Rt. 50 at Smithburg exit; turn right at the bottom of the hill onto old Rt. 50, proceed almost 1/2 mile to Depot and Spencer Park.

  • Salem: Exit Rt. 50 onto Rt. 23 South; proceed into town to the Depot; trail runs through Salem.

  • Bristol: Exit Rt. 50 onto Raccoon Run Road, this road crosses trail almost immediately.

  • Wolf Summit: Exit Rt. 50 at Wolf Summit; nearest access for Eastern Terminus.

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