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West Virginia: Wild and Wonderful

West Virginia Recipes
West Virginia Recipes



Plum Orchard Lake Wildlife Management Area (WMA) & Picnic Menu

West Virginia Country Roads Cooking RecipesPlum Orchard Lake Wildlife Management Area, is located near Pax, West Virginia in Fayette county. Located on 3,201 acres land that varies from wetlands to steeply forested woodlands, the Pleasant Creek WMA rises to an elevation of 1,600 feet.

Access to Plum Orchard Lake WMA is from the Mossy or Pax exits of I-77, then following County Route 23 (Paint Creek Road) to County Route 23/1 (Plum Orchard Lake Road).

Plum Orchard Lake WMA Picnic Menu

The recipes in this menu include:

  • Cool Springs Horseradish Beef Pot Roast
  • Quick Cloverleaf Herb Rolls
  • Idamay Coleslaw
  • Alan's Best Blueberry Pie
  • Misty Taste Fruit Punch

Cool Springs Horseradish Beef Pot Roast

Ingredients: cloves garlic, pepper, salt, horseradish, dried basil, boneless beef chuck roast, olive oil, water. Vegetables: baby carrots, small red potatoes, and medium onion.
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Quick Cloverleaf Herb Rolls
Ingredients: butter, chopped fresh parsley, chopped fresh rosemary, fresh thyme leaves, and frozen bread dough.
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Idamay Coleslaw
Ingredients: small cabbage head,  mayonnaise, Italian dressing, dry dill weed, sugar, and salt.
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Alan�s Best Blueberry Pie
Ingredients - Crust Ingredients: all-purpose flour, salt, cold butter, cold water.  Filling Ingredients: sugar, all-purpose flour, ground nutmeg, ground cinnamon, and fresh blueberries.
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Misty Taste Fruit Punch
Ingredients: large cans apricot nectar juice, large cans pineapple juice, small cans frozen lemonade, quart water, and large bottle ginger ale.
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