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William Clark

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Born: August 1, 1770, Caroline County, Virginia

William Clark - Trivia powered by ABEWilliam Clark was an American explorer, soldier, Indian agent, and territorial governor. A native of Virginia, he would also grow up in pre-statehood Kentucky before later settling in what later became the state of Missouri.

Along with Meriwether Lewis, Clark led the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1803 to 1805 across the Louisiana Purchase to the Pacific Ocean. Before the expedition he served in a militia and the United States Army, while afterwards he served in a militia and as governor of the Missouri Territory. From 1822 until his death he held the position of Superintendent of Indian Affairs.

Died September 1, 1838 (age 68), St. Louis, Missouri

Clark died in St. Louis.

Where is the George Crook buried?

  • Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia
  • Bellefontaine Cemetery, Saint Louis, Missouri
  • Princeton Cemetery of the Nassau Presbyterian Church, Princeton, New Jersey

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Angels on your pillowBellefontaine Cemetery, Saint Louis, Missouri

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