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Howard Hughes, Sr.

Born: September 9, 1869, Lancaster, Missouri
Died: January 14, 1924, (age 55) Houston, Texas

Howard Robard Hughes, Sr. was an American entrepreneur, best known as the father of Howard Robard Hughes, Jr., the famous aviation pioneer and film producer. Hughes, Sr. created the fortune that Hughes, Jr. inherited when he turned eighteen.

What do you know about Howard Hughes, Sr.? Try this quick quiz.

1. What was the name of his grand opera and concert singer?

2. What did his younger brother Rupert Hughes become?

3. Felix Hughes (born Lancaster, Missouri, 1 October 1874), named after the father, was his youngest brother, an opera singer. True or False?

4. In 1983, what college did Hughes, Sr. attend?

5. Hughes engaged in various mining business endeavors before capitalizing on the oil discovery in Texas, as a result of which he began devoting his full time to the oil business. What was the name of the oil discovery?

6. On November 20, 1908 he filed the basic patents for the Sharp-Hughes Rock Bit, and was granted two patents for this rock drill. Hughes had patented a two-cone rotary drill bit that penetrated medium and hard rock with ten times the speed of any former bit, and its discovery revolutionized oil well drilling. When was the patents granted?

7. Based in Houston, Texas in 1909, along with Walter Benona Sharp, what was the company they co-founded?

8. What was cause of death?

9. Where is Howard Hughes, Sr. buried?


1. Greta Hughes (born in Lancaster, Missouri, 4 June 1866) was "Jeanne Greta"

2. Well known novelist and screenwriter

3. True

4. Harvard University

5. Spindletop

6. August 10, 1909

7. Sharp-Hughes Tool Company. Sharp's widow, Estelle Sharp, sold her 50% share in the company to Howard Hughes Sr. following her husband's death in 1912. The company was renamed Hughes Tool at this point.

8. Heart Attack

Angels on your pillow9. Glenwood Cemetery , Houston, Texas

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