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Morgan Earp

Trivia powered by Prof. WalterBorn: April 24, 1851, Pella, Iowa
Died: March 18, 1882 (age 31), Tombstone, Arizona

Morgan Seth Earp was the younger brother of Wyatt Earp, the famous gunfighter. Morgan was involved in the gunfight at the O.K. Corral, where he was wounded. His assassination in Tombstone was part of a wave of vendetta killing in the southeastern Arizona Territory.

What do you know about Morgan Earp? Try this US Old West History Made Easy Quiz. "Check Your Answers" at the end of the page.

1. In 1875 Morgan departed the Earp clan living in in Wichita, Kansas, and became a deputy sheriff at Dodge City. What Dodge City Sheriff did he work for?

  • Charlie Bassett
  • Bat Masterson
  • Wyatt Earp

2. Who was his common-law wife?

  • Louisa A. Houston
  • Rachael Ward
  • Mary Cummings

3. Who was the Tombstone Chief of Police when Morgan became a deputy?

  • Rex Reason
  • Glenn Strange
  • Virgil Earp

4. On October 20 Morgan went to Tucson to find Doc Holliday and bring him back in an attempt to avoid some trouble with Ike Clanton.

  • Fact or Myth?

5. Morgan cut his teeth as deputy sheriff during three cattle seasons in Dodge City. Following this Earp saw much law enforcement action as town marshal of Butte, Montana, (1878) and later as policeman there. He also survived a 1879 gun duel in Miles City, Montana - killing his man - a notorious Brooks brother.

  • Fact or Myth?

6. Morgan was not wounded during the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

  • Fact or Myth?

7. By February 1882, Morgan had seen enough of the general danger to the Earps in Tombstone and sent his common-law wife Louisa Houston Earp to Colton, California. Morgan chose to remain in Tombstone to guard Virgil, support Wyatt, and continue to work in law enforcement. Who did she live with in Colton?

  • Her parents
  • Virgil's parents
  • Louisa's sister

8. Morgan was ambushed about 10 P.M. on Saturday, March 18, 1882. After going to see a musical, he went to play a late round of pool against owner Bob Hatch at the Campbell & Hatch Billiard Parlor on Allen Street, in Tombstone. There, while playing, he was hit by a rifle shot to the side of his lower back. An attempt was made on another person, who was it?

  • Wyatt
  • Virgil
  • Warren

9. The bullet that hit Morgan shattered his spine and passed through his left kidney. How long did Morgan live after being shot?

  • 5 minutes
  • Half-hour
  • One hour

10. Morgan was first buried in the old city cemetery of Colton, near Mount Slover. When the cemetery was moved in 1892, Morgan's body was reburied. Where is Morgan Earp buried?

  • Hills of Eternity, Colma, California
  • Hermosa Cemetery, Colton, California
  • Holy Cross Cemetery, Tombstone, Arizona

Morgan Earp

  1. Charlie Bassett
  2. Louisa A. Houston
  3. Virgil Earp
  4. Fact
  5. Fact
  6. Myth. He broke both shoulder blades and chipped off a piece of vertebra.
  7. Virgil's parents
  8. Wyatt
  9. One hour
  10. Hermosa Cemetery, Colton, California
    Plot: Southwest corner of the cemetery, near a large tree

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