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What do you know about Geronimo?  Try this US Old West History Made Easy Quiz.  "Check Your Answers" at the end of the page.

Trivia powered by Prof. Walter1) What present-day state was Geronimo born in on June 16, 1829?

  • Arizona

  • New Mexico

  • Texas

2) Allegedly "Geronimo" was the name given to him during a Mexican incident, but his real name was Goyaałť from the Chiricahua language meaning "one who yawns"; often spelled Goyathlay or Goyahkla in English.

  • True or False?

3) What band of Apaches did Goyathlay (Geronimo) belong too?

  • Bedonkohe
  • White Mountain
  • Chihuahua

4) On March 5, 1851, a company of 400 Mexican soldiers from Sonora led by Colonel Josť Maria Carrasco attacked Geronimo's camp outside Janos while the men were in town trading. Among those killed were Geronimo's wife, Alope, his children, and his mother. His chief sent him after the Mexican soldiers.
Who was his chief?

  • Mangas Coloradas
  • Janos
  • Chee-hash-kish

5) While Geronimo said he was never a chief, he was a military leader.
As a Chiricahua Apache, what was Geronimo?

  • Chief of Staff
  • Medicine Man
  • Warrior

6) It was the Mexicans who named him Geronimo. This appellation stemmed from a battle in which he repeatedly attacked Mexican soldiers with a knife, ignoring a deadly hail of bullets, in reference to the Mexicans' plea to Saint Jerome ("Jeronimo!").

  • True or False?

7) Though outnumbered, Geronimo fought against both Mexican and United States troops and became famous for his daring exploits and numerous escapes from capture from 1858 to 1886. Later in 1861, Mangas Coloradas and Cochise, his son-in-law, struck an alliance, agreeing to drive all Anglo-Americans out of Apache territory. They were joined in their effort by the chief Juh and the famous warrior Geronimo.

  • True or False?

8) After two decades of guerrilla warfare, Cochise, one of the leaders of the Chiricaua band, chose to make peace and agreed to relocate to a reservation in the Chiricahua Mountains.  Not long afterward, Cochise died.
What year did Cochise die?

  • 1870
  • 1874
  • 1880

9) In a change of policy, the U.S. government decided to move the Chiricahuas to the San Carlos reservation.  Half of them complied and the other half, led by Geronimo, escaped to Mexico.  The U.S. captured Geronimo and brought him to the San Carlos reservation. He stayed there until September 1881, when a gathering of soldiers around the reservation caused him to fear that he would be imprisoned for his past deeds.
How many Apaches left with him?

  • 26
  • 100
  • 700

10) In 1886, General Nelson A. Miles selected Captain Henry Lawton, in command of B Troop, 4th Cavalry, at Ft. Huachuca to lead the expedition that captured Geronimo and his small band.  They evaded 5,000 U.S. troops (a quarter of the army at the time) and many units of the Mexican army for a year.
How many men, women, and children were in Geronimo's band?

  • 36
  • 136
  • 236

11) Geronimo and other warriors were sent as prisoners to Fort Pickens, Florida, and his family was sent to Fort Marion.  They were reunited in May 1887.
What year did Geronimo and his family come to live in Fort Sill, Oklahoma?

  • 1894
  • 1900
  • 1904

12) In his old age, Geronimo became a celebrity. He appeared at fairs, including the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, and sold souvenirs and photographs of himself. However, he was not allowed to return to the land of his birth. He also rode in President Theodore Roosevelt's 1905 inaugural parade.

  • True or False?

13). One night, in a drunken stupor, he fell asleep and out of his wagon in the middle of a road near Lawton, Oklahoma, during a rainstorm. Catching pneumonia, he died within a day.

  • True or False?

14) Geronimo died at the age of 79 in Fort Sill, Oklahoma.
What was the date of his death?

  • February 17, 1908

  • February 17, 1909

  • February 17, 1910

15) Where is Geronimo buried?

  • Beef Creek Apache Cemetery, Lawton, Oklahoma
  • Ashes scattered at sea off Coney Island, NY
  • General Grant National Memorial, Manhattan, New York


  1. New Mexico

  2. True

  3. Bedonkohe
  4. Mangas Coloradas
  5. Medicine Man
  6. True
  7. True
  8. 1874
  9. 700
  10. 36
  11. 1894
  12. True
  13. True
  14. February 17, 1909
  15. Beef Creek Apache Cemetery, Lawton, Oklahoma

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