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Samuel Hamilton Walker

Texas Rangers Badge - Alan's Old West History Made Easy Trivia powered by ABEBorn: February 24, 1817
Died: October 9, 1847 (age 30)

He was a Texas Ranger captain and military officer of the Republic of Texas and the United States armies. Walker served in several armed conflicts, including the Indian and the Mexican-American wars.

What do you know about Samuel Walker? Enjoy this Texas Ranger History Made Easy Trivia quiz.

1. Walker was born in Greenbelt, Maryland. What was the name of the house?

  • Heaven Castle
  • Washington Townhouse
  • Toaping Castle

2. In May 1836 Walker enlisted in the Washington City Volunteers for the Creek Indian campaign in Alabama. He was stationed in Florida and apparently saw no combat. After his enlistment ended in 1837, Walker remained in Florida as a scout until 1841. What year did he leave Florida?

  • 1841
  • 1842
  • 1843

3. What year did he come to Texas?

  • 1838
  • 1840
  • 1842

4. He took part in the defense against the Mexican invasion led by General Adrian Woll.

  • True or False?

5. What year did he become a Texas Ranger?

  • 1843
  • 1844
  • 1845

6. Promoted to the rank of captain, he later led a Ranger company in the Mexican-American war with General Zachary Taylor and General Winfield Scott's armies.

  • True or False?

7. Walker is usually remembered as the inventor of the famous Walker Colt revolver, along with arms manufacturer Samuel Colt. Walker is said to have self-funded a trip to New York to meet with Colt and proposed to him the concept of a weapon based on the then-popular five-shot Colt revolver, with many enhancements such as adding a sixth round. What year was the revolver first made?

  • 1847
  • 1858
  • 1861

8. On October 9, 1847, Walker was killed, lanced through, while leading his troops. Where was the fight?

  • Huamantla, Mexico
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Monterrey, Mexico

9. Walker County, Texas was named after Samuel Hamilton Walker.

  • True or False?

Where is Samuel Walker buried?


Samuel Hamilton Walker

  1. Toaping Castle
  2. 1841
  3. 1842
  4. True
  5. 1844
  6. True
  7. 1847
  8. Huamantla, Mexico
  9. False. Named for Robert J. Walker.     It was renamed for him after Robert J. Walker, sided with the Union during the Civil War.

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